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Grapevine StringKing Womens Complete Stick


The Complete W women’s lacrosse stick features a stiff construction, expertly strung mesh pocket, and ultra-lightweight shaft to deliver superior performance and unmatched consistency.

  • Legend W head
  • Type W mesh, mid pocket
  • Metal 2 W shaft

Why StringKing Complete W?

  • A better pocket. The Legend W head and Type W mesh pocket were designed together by StringKing’s expert team of engineers and stringers. The result is a pocket with better hold, more control, and unmatched consistency.
  • Unmatched consistency. Every part of the Complete W lacrosse stick, from the stiff construction to the stringing pattern, was carefully developed to ensure consistent performance every time you step on the field.
  • Play fast. The lightweight Complete W is designed to play fast. StringKing removed unnecessary material in the head and shaft to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

Colors: White or Black